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Tips For Excelling In Your Next Escape Game Adventure

Posted by pamela67b on February 2, 2018 with No Comments

Escape room games are a lot of fun, but they can also become frustrating when you are not doing well. If you want to increase your excellence in escape room games, there are some tips that you should consider. Sharing these tips with the rest of your team will improve your overall efficiency and excellence in these games.

Play With Less Than The Max Team Size

All escape room games will have a maximum team size, and you should try to have a team with fewer people than this. When you play with a max group, you will be faced with overcrowding, a lack of things for some people to do and fewer breakthrough moments. It is recommended that you play with a team of 70 to 80% of the maximum capacity.

This will ensure that you have enough people and that everyone can contribute. Many players in a lot of memphis escape room locations agree to this and they find themselves performing their best when playing with less than the maximum amount of players.

Do Not Be Afraid To Pass The Baton

There are times when you stare at a puzzle for a long time and are still not able to find the solution. In these situations, you should not be afraid to let someone else take over. A fresh pair of eyes will work wonders when you are trying to move through the game.

If you pass the baton on a puzzle to some people and you still can’t figure it out, this means that you do not have all the information. At these times, you will need to continue looking for clues and knowledge in the room.

Yell Out What You Find

Yelling out what you find might seem like you are asking for chaos, but it is a very good strategy to use. A lot of escape room games are won through the ability of a team to put the information they find together quickly. When you see related items, the entire team needs to know so that they can put them together and move on.

Work On What Other People Are Not Working On

There are a lot of people who try to help others on the team while they play. While this can be helpful, you should instead look at working on something that no-one else is working on. This will help spread your team resources and ensure that everything has been looked into. A lot of people tend to overlook or skip puzzles that are considered too hard to do at first glance, but leaving these puzzles can derail your whole game.

Keep Used Keys In The Locks

It is extremely rare that you will be using a key more than once. This is why you need to leave them in the locks that they open. When you take them out, you will be left with a bunch of keys that you have to go through each time you face a new lock, and this wastes a lot of time that you do not have. Leaving the keys in the locks will also ensure that your team members do not try to open a lock that has already been opened.

Welcome One And All

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Welcome everyone!

This is such a fantastic time to share our views on how you should have fun. As you can tell, there are a lot of ways to take on different exciting activities. But for this particular one, we are focusing on escape rooms that are so popularized  in this modern era.

Take a fun-filled adventure with us and discover how you escape games can change your life and your boring weekend! Take a quick look on the clip below to see how it works!